Josh (& Judy) Allison

I moved to Huntsville around the end of 2010. I've been performing since (Scottsboro) high school choir and as a solo musician in Concord, NC and now call Huntsville, AL home with my wife, Judy, and 4 kids. I’m a singer who learned how to play guitar so I could play shows on my own. My favorite voices are Robert Plant, Otis Redding, Amos Lee and Ray LaMontagne, Maynard James Keenan, Lou Grahm, Edwin McCain, Dave Grohl and Bill Withers. I was recently voted “Best Male Singer” and “Best Musician Overall” by Valley Planet readers. What a thrill that was to hear! At local shows, I play mostly cover songs and hand out laminated Songlists which are sort of like a music menu of around 200 songs. That's sort of a signature for me, I've been doing that since I moved here in 2011. That's why some call me a human jukebox. Not sure I like that term, but it does help people understand what I do. My wife & work hard playing, singing and booking music full-time where we live with our four amazing children in Huntsville, Alabama.

I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama listening to my Mom sing in the living room with me. Tunes from Helen Reddy, The Carpenters and Abba were in constant rotation. I’ve recorded radio jingles, was a radio dj in college, have sung in churches and a number of weddings (I cannot believe I was bold enough to attempt a Celine Dion song at a wedding, but I did and they loved it!) and I've been in a couple of bands, but my greatest joy comes from singing my babies to sleep. I love that Josh and I have such a strong musical connection when we sing together and others really seem to feel it too. We started seeing each other and singing together in the summer of 2012 and married on Valentine's Day 2013.

Our EP Recording:

We just wrote and recorded our Debut EP and are so excited about how it turned out. The musicians we chose are some of the finest musicians in the South. We are honored to call them friends. We had Jason Humphress on guitar, classical guitar, Wurlitzer and the Glockenspiel; Andrew Sharpe on Bass; Cody Allen on percussion; Michael Kilpatrick on drums and percussion; Chad Reeves on lead guitar on "Hold You."

Our friend Michael Kilpatrick referred us to Welcome to 1979 Studios in Nashville, TN and Josh fell in love with the place immediately. Chris Mara, the owner/operator/engineer/producer was such a kind-hearted and patient man with great humor. He knew how to make us feel comfortable and gave us a top-notch experience which made us feel like royalty. Most of all, we left feeling very excited and pleased with our recording. Producers: Josh & Judy Allison, Jason Humphress and Rick Trussell.



Man, what a HUGE blessing it was to have such great support from friends, family and fans to record this EP! We conquered all the details and published the Kickstarter Crowd-funding page and only had 20 days to complete it! Right down to the wire and we raised over $7000 to make it happen. That included the recording, mastering, travel, fees, production and manufacturing and kickstarter fulfillment rewards. We had additional expenses that we had to cover as well. Recording a great sounding CD is NOT cheap! We are very satisfied with the end result and already find ourselves writing again for the full album. We want to say another huge THANK YOU to all of our supporters who lift us up and have encouraged us along the way. We hope that you enjoy the music as much as we did writing and recording it!


The Songs:

Click on the SONGS link above for a listing of each song and it's story. Life is a song and we are constantly writing it.


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