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One More

by Josh Allison

Released 2016
Released 2016
"One More" is a haunting declaration that it's over. Josh Allison carries the heavy-vocals needed in this haunting rock ballad with his wife, Judy, providing the backing harmonies.
"One More" the single - This song began as a plea for "one more chance", but in the finishing process, it evolved into a decision to end a relationship and walk away. Sometimes, it's better just to move on. This gripping rock ballad touches the intimate space of the heart in the art of letting go.

"Josh and Judy Allison's music runs the gambit from heartfelt and soulful effigy to pure joyful exuberance. A great emerging presence of songwriting in the Tennessee Valley."

"Big-voiced, R&B tinged rock and balladry." (re:Josh Allison Band)

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"These are fantastic songs. All musicians involved were a perfect fit for this project.  Can’t Stop is such a colorful piece with many parts and somehow the musicians don’t step on anyones else’s toes.  Great space. Moving On has always been a favorite of mine, the production is so spot on.  Josh and Judy’s voices were meant for each other and shows in every song they sing.  Kelvin did a great job highlighting that natural trait that they share so tastefully.  Josh has that edgy soulful southern rasp with such great range, and Judy’s sharpness and clarity softens Josh’s edge right up. They couldn’t blend more effortlessly.  I’m always excited to hear what will be next from these two. "

ALAN LITTLE, Listen Local Huntsville