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Josh Allison track-by-track: Loss, limber vocals, analog tape shaped Huntsville musician's debut EP

Huntsville singer Josh Allison's mom Kay loved putting together jigsaw puzzles. She taught him if he assembled a puzzle's sides and corners first "the rest would put itself together." After Kay passed away about six years ago, Josh wrote "Pieces Together," a moving acoustic-soul ballad, in memory of his mom. His emotive, limber vocals and the song's personal genesis make "Pieces Together" the best tune on Josh's six-song debut EP, "Hold You." "When I heard the playback for this song, I had to leave the room," Josh, 30, says, "because the song was perfect. We added the ocean waves and seagulls because the beach was Mom's favorite place."

"Josh and Judy Allison's music runs the gambit from heartfelt and soulful effigy to pure joyful exuberance. A great emerging presence of songwriting in the Tennessee Valley."

"I opened my eyes… and it was… Josh Allison standing with guitar in hand, eyes closed, projecting his smooth, fluid pitch perfect voice through the microphone. 

Blackbird was one of several dozen songs Josh played last night, either solo or with his wife-singer/songwriter Judy Allison.  There were many other excellent performances of cover songs as well as several original tunes. "


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"Josh Allison with his wife (co-writer/singing partner) bring something to the stage that can only be described as magic, and once you've experienced, you'll want more. You will hear hints of Chris Stapleton, Fleetwood Mac, a bit of outlaw country, and southern rock, but mostly you will hear absolutely beautifully crafted songs with a unique sound all their own that will blow you away! Vocally, Josh is superb and his wife compliments his tone and quality with perfection. Please don't miss the opportunity to see and support this amazingly talented group of musicians!" - Lana White, singer-songwriter

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