Can't Stop

Josh Allison

Recorded in November and December 2018 at Woodaworx Studios by Kelvin Wooten. Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Kelvin Wooten at Woodaworx. Special guest lead guitar by Norris Jones.

Written by Josh Allison & Judy Allison

“Can’t Stop” has a retro R&B feel with a familiar message of obsession after a brief encounter. The intro sets the tone as it transitions from an acoustic riff to a mood-setting electric guitar solo over an “in-the-pocket” rhythm section. Josh’s voice is soulful and authentic, making me believe he means every word. Judy enters with an intensity that says, “me too” and sets up a catchy chorus followed by a driving instrumental section filled of more strong base, tight percussion and that, oh-so-groovy organ. This song perfectly captures the obsession of two people that instantly connect in a way that sends them into a non-stop cycle of imagined possibilities. -TPalmer

Thanks to the now retired Bandito Southside in Huntsville, Alabama for the story’s location.

Website at JoshAllison dot rocks

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